Master's Hammer


We are very proud to announce a LEGENDARY act... MASTER´S HAMMER!
MASTER´S HAMMER will bring us Rituals and Occultism, the highlight at UTBS 2018.

Homepage Redesign & Band Updates


From today on the UTBS homepage has got a new outfit. First time fully responsive, each information can easily be displayed also on mobile devices.

To celebrate that, we are proud to announce a couple of brandnew bands for the 2018' issue of the UTBS:

Nocturnal from Germany. Prepare to be decimated by pure speed and aggresssion demonstrated through these German Thrash Metallers. As a hail of bullets to the crowd, ready the ammunition!

Author from Finland. They have just forged in ink their involvement with FOLTER RECORDS. Ready yourselves for FINNISH excellence!

777 from Germany and Austria. A Thelema Occult Rock band that will bring us their spin on the darker side of music. For fans of THE DEVIL´S BLOOD.

Schrat from Germany. Those Bavarian Black Metallers will be providing their very own take on the more traditional side of Black Metal.

Batushka from Poland. With their debut album "Litourgiya" they have set a milestone already. The band is currently writing on new material and will present it at UTBS!

Hellfire Deathcult from the USA. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the band will be displaying what could only be regarded as the Sonic Equivalent of violence!

Sigh from Japan. 25 years after the release of "Scorn Defeat", an album released on the label of Euronymous, Deathlike Silence Rec. As well as the grandiose and bloody performance at UTBS 5 years ago, the band shall return to UTBS 2018 to play "Scorn Defeat" in its entirety!

A Canorous Quintet from Sweden. The Melodic Death Metal act has released 2 albums in the 90s before they split up. They reunite in 2016 and are currently working on something for a possible future release.

First confirmations for 2018


We are proud to present the first bands that will enter the stage at next year's UTBS:

FIN from the USA. They have participated in the 2016 edition and performed an outstanding show, their 3rd album is killer and received excellent reviews, and the outfit has already commenced writing songs for the 4th album!

Cirith Gorgor from The Netherlands. We have witnessed them at the record release concert of THE COMMITTEE & STREAMS OF BLOOD in Berlin earlier this year where they completely blew us away with their live intensity.

Horn, the first German band for UTBS 2018. As a Black Metal Open Air festival we feel it appropriate to always include some Pagan bands... Such as the mighty Skyforger in prior years.

Shroud Of Satan from Germany. We did it again. Nothing more to say. End of message.

Abhomine from the USA. Mr Pete Helmkamp bring us his newest band to UTBS, expect a composition of social, artistic and existential modes which reflects our reality, Abhomine is a heaving grinding mass of gnarliness and abject sonic cruelty.

Mosaic from Thuringia. Experimental Black Metal Darkness. Their atmospheric live rituals already are an insider tip and we are curious about future material to come!

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