SISYPHEAN confirmed for UTBS 2019


SISYPHEAN is a 4-piece atmospheric black metal band drenched in death metal with a decadent theme from Vilnius, Lithuania. The band originally formed back in 2012 under the moniker “Division” which later changed to to the band's present name. After two releases rooting in the black/thrash metal vein and a change in the line-up, the band got together in search of a further distinct sound to represent current ideas and ideologies.

NARBELETH confirmed for UTBS 2019


When you think about Black Metal from Cuba,NARBELETH pops up in your mind as leading band of this Country. They play cold Black Metal in the vein of JUDAS ISCARIOT. Please welcome NARBELETH at UTBS 2019!

TOTALSELFHATRED confirmed for UTBS 2019


TOTALSELFHATRED was found to create truly melancholic and desperate soundscapes and to unravel the blackened thoughts, the blessing and the curse of the inability to think either black or white nor inbetween. To narrate about the ability to find clarity in madness positivity in the negativity shelter in the dark…
To point it out clear! The band is dedicated to the searching, not to the self-pity. Totalselfhatred is a symbol for ressurrection through pain. A pool for the frustrated for the despereate in life, for those living and bleeding towards a higher truth, to crush the circles of self-inflicted suffering! For I am my worst enemy…

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