Here are some infos for the camping area.
The camping area is about 50-100 meters away from the festival ground and it´s free once you have a ticket.
You can camp directly at your car. Caravans are welcome, but we can´t provide electricity.
There will be chemical toilets on the camp ground, cleaned every day. We also have WCs at the festival ground, which cost 0,50€ per use
or 5,00€ for the whole festival as flatrate.
Unfortunatley, there are no showers available, but there are are water taps on the festival ground.

Friesack has no hotels nor other accommodations.
There are a few accommodations in the area around Friesack and we will have a shuttle service for you.

We don´t have a fee for garbage bags, but everyone will get free bags. We only want you to leave your camping area clean.
At the entrance of the camp ground is a container where you can leave your garbage bags.
Thank you for your help to keep the nature clean

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