Applications for UTBS 2015


Dear bands,

it's really cool to see that so many of you would like to play at Under The Black Sun 2015. But we choose our bands through quality and at least you have to be able to send us enough songs to see if you are able to play a full set ... and of course if the quality fits our standards.

Just to make something clear: applications are welcome and as the past shows, we love to give newcomers a chance. So here are some recommendation for your application (and some points which are important to make sure your email won't be deleted in first second)

1. A homepage or minimum a facebook page is needed!
2. Send us something we can listen to in high quality (youtube, soundcloud, dropbox or whatever). Everything in low quality will be ignored.
3. Think about yourself if you are able to fit in the UTBS billing and have the quality to convice us.

Thanks for your attention!

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