Important! Venue change!


For legal reasons the UTBS could not longer take place in Helenenau! The good news is: UTBS has found a new home.

The festival take place at the Festkuhle in Brädikow and it is OPEN AIR!
It is more or less as charming as in Helenenau. It's a great location somewhere in nowhere. A train between Berlin central station and Friesack needs just 50 Minutes. From there you can take a bus which takes you directly to a bus station at the festival area.

We have enough space for camping and water toilets. Just a few, but it's better than chemical toilets.

At this point we want to thank Irsin Ernst from Irsin Sound for his suggestion and help to make the festival happen at Brädikows. Also We want to thank Jonny Ork from Nacht der drohenden Schatten for his support and all of you who tried to help with every idea and suggestion. THANK YOU!
A special thanx goes to Granate for trying to get a military complex as new location.

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