Venue change!


Ok, we have some developments:
Through a happy coincidence we have got the Friesack outdoor stage.
This is about 5-6 km away from Brädikow but offers more space, more trees, a larger stage and thus more freedom for all of us.

We know your patience is very much like ours. Unfortunately, special circumstances require special solutions, and in Brädikow the execution would not have been possible as planned.

Therefore final: Freilichtbühne Friesack! The location is similarly beautiful, the journey almost same and all booked accommodations can be used, since the route between the two places is essentially the same. More importantly, camping on the site is as much as an arrival on Wednesday. It can only be that cars can not be parked next to the tent. We will keep you up to date and are certain that you will all enjoy UTBS as you have in years past.

The new address:
Freilichtbühne Friesack
Vietznitzer Str.
14662 Friesack

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