Bands 2017

Name: Hetroertzen

Style: Black Metal
Origin: Sweden



Hetroertzen is a Black Metal band formed in 1997 by Frater D.  It originated in Puerto Varas, Chile and by 2009 had relocated to Västerås, Sweden. Hetroertzen was initially a solo project until Frater D. decided to make a band of it and so joins guitarist Åskväder the band in September 1999. During their first ten years of existence, a couple of albums were recorded and a handful of gigs were performed in their homeland of Chile. Various line-up changes occurred as well.

The band had a brief hiatus for various reasons, but in 2009 after resurfacing in Sweden and the city of Västerås, Hetroertzen's first proclaimed full length album ‘Exaltation of Wisdom’, was recorded at the bands own studio. The line-up was then Frater D. on drums, bass and vocals and Åskväder on guitars.

‘Exaltation of Wisdom’ was at first released on LP by Lamech Records and was limited to 500 blood-numbered copies. In November 2011 Hetroertzen performed ‘Exaltation of Wisdom’ in its entirety in their most important performance thus far; a rather special event called ‘Arosian Black Mass’, where the band received highly positive critique from attendants. The band had the help from Kfzl on bass and Garghuf on drums. After their live debut at ‘Arosian Black Mass’, some line-up changes occured, and Anubis gets involved in the band as guitarist.

At the beginning of 2012 Frater D., Åskväder and Anubis went on to record new material for what would be used for a split album together with Norwegian devotees Dødsengel.  The split, under the title Capax Infiniti, gained much regard in terms of acceptance from the audience from all around the world, as well as in terms of sales.

In October 2013 the band went out on their first ever tour, alongside black metal legends Troll and Dødheimsgard. The tour was a success for the band and they won over countless new fans from all around Europe.

During 2014 Hetroertzen recorded material for a new full length album which allowed them to stretch the boundaries of their already unique sound. Ain Soph Aur saw the light in December 2014 receiving a great response from the devotees and the media. Ain Soph Aur was released on all format by the collaboration of Lamech Records, Terratur Possessions and Amor Fati Productions.

At the beginning of 2015 Ham joins the band as a permanent bass player.

In the fall of 2015 Hetroertzen conquered USA for the first time and performed two very exclusive shows in New York and Baltimore along with Ominous Resurrection and their brethren LvxCaelis.

Also in 2015 the band confirmed to do their second European tour in October along with French devotees Malhkebre and Malepeste. The tour was baptised as Exaltation, Revelation, Dereliction tour and reached different cities around France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

During 2016 Hetroertzen has been focusing mostly on the composition of their upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in early 2017 by veterans Listenable Records.


Frater D. – Drums
Åskväder – Guitar
Anubis – Guitar & Vocals
Ham –  Bass